The Plot

Welcome to a prestigious private school in Manhattan.Meet Kathyrn Merteuil,the most popular girl in the school.For Kathryn money and morals are nothing and seduction and deceit are hobbies.

Meet Kathryn's step-brother,Sebastian Valmont.Sebastian is known for promising girls the world just to get them in bed.To him,girls are simply conquests.

The two are tag team who rule the game of betrayal.They do whatever they want to whoever they want no matter the consequences.And they get away with.This time they have two major targets,Annette Hargrove and Cecile Caldwell.

Annette Hargrove has written an article for Seventeen magazine.She is saving herself for marriage and the right person.Her father will be moving to Manhattan as the new headmaster of Kathryn and Sebastian's school.The two realize the challenge of taking away her virginity and make a wager.If Sebastian sleeps with her,he also gets to sleep with Kathryn.If he doesn't,Kathryn gets his Jaguar.

Cecile Caldwell,the school's newest student,has become best friends with student body president,Kathryn.Really our seductress is using her to get to Court Reynolds,who dumped her because she got around.After dumping Kathryn,Court started seeing Cecile.Kathryn plans to turn Cecile into Manhattan's biggest slut and make Court feel the effects.

Somewhere in the game things go horribly wrong.Cecile falls for another guy and Sebastian actually cares for Annette.Kathryn has to stay strong as her whole world crumbles around her.Will Kathryn triumph or will she fail?