Sarah Michelle Gellar

At the age of four Sarah was discovered while eating at a local diner.Her mother was in the restroom when the agent came up to her and asked her name.She had just learned all about herself and told him her name,address,phone number,etc.That's when Sarah's acting career began. Three short weeks later,she was filming her first feature film,An Invasion of Privacy.From there she went on to being one of two hosts on Girl Talk,to appear in The Window Claire(which also starred Matthew Broderick),to appearring on a number of shows which include The Regis Philbin Show,The David Letterman Show,Love,Sidney,and Spenser: For Hire.Sarah has also been in over 100 commericials.Including the Burger King commericial which engaged the court case dubbed 'The Battle of the Burgers'.

Next for Sarah came the film Crossbow,Jake's Woman,a role as a young Jackie Bouvier in the mini-series A Woman Named Jackie,and the failed,teen targeted soap opera,Swans Crossing.And probably one of her most memorable roles came in February 1993 when she started working on the set of the soap opera,All My Children.Within the next two years she received two Daytime Emmy nominations.However,she lost in 1994 and won in 1995.

After only two-and-a-half years,Sarah left the show.She announced this the day after the Emmy's,causing bitter feelings from some.Yet she did not plan to win and quit.This decision had been made nearly six months in advance because she had been planning to move to Hollywood in hopes of sparking a film career.

That takes us to 1996,when she was auditioning for a role on the show based on the 1992 teen comedy,Buffy the Vampire Slayer.While still comedic this show was being taken in a different direction.Sarah was trying out for the part of Cordelia,and probably would have gotten it,but asked if she could also read for the role of Buffy.Joss brung her in a few more times and soon she had the title role.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's pilot,the two hour special which is now divided into Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harvest, made WB history by nabbing the highest lineup ratings the station had ever seen.Therefore,the WB order thirteen episodes of the show,which became a cult hit,especially among teens.Due to it's popularity the show was renewed for another twenty-two episodes.It is now in it's third season and when the show enters it's fourth,the spin-off Angel will start.

Sarah next filmed the teen horror I Know What You Did Last Summer,which opened on October 17,1997.The film soared to number one and nearly made the budget on opening day.The film was shot on location in Southport,North Carolina.

Not long after filming wrapped up for I Know,Sarah went to Atlanta where she filmed another teen horror film,Scream 2.The sequel of the 1996 blockbuster,which made horror popular again, brought in only one million dollars less than it's original and topped the charts opening weekend.In April,Sarah started filming Cruel Intentions,a remake of Dangerous Laisons.After that she started shooting Simply Irresistible,a tale about a department-store executive(Sean Patrick Flanery) who tries not to fall in love with a beautiful woman whom he thinks has mystical powers.

Sarah won a Blockbuster Entertainment Award in March 1997, for her role as Helen Shivers of I Know What You Did Last Summer.She was also nominated for an MTV Movie Award for the same role,however, she lost to Boogie Nights' Heather Graham.She presented an award,with Hanson,at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards as well as announcing the Emmy's for best hair and makeup.She attended the Emmy's with her Scream 2 co-star Jerry O'Connell.